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 Posted: Tue Nov 8th, 2011 03:36 pm
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mike3775 wrote: Benlen wrote: mike3775 wrote:
Denver better improve their O-Line if they want Tebow to survive the rest of the season.

So far Tebow has been doing ok

He kicked the Raiders ass yesterday. He actually made a few good throws.
Raiders are crap anyway. Hue Jackson took over when Al Davis died and he began running his mouth off and making the Palmer trade. It was great watching him look stupid on the sidelines.
They got to him often though, and if that keeps up, he won;t stay helathy for long though.  Tebow can take the punishment though, I give him alot of credit for that, he took a shitload of hard hits so far this year and escaped injury free so far.  Many teams would love to have a QB who can take the sort of hits Tebow has so far

Well it is easy to say that but lets not act like Tebow isn't fucking 260 of solid muscle with biceps that Batista and mason Ryan would envy.