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 Posted: Sun Jun 15th, 2008 11:32 am
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Kid_Naitch wrote: dogfacedgremlin34 wrote: Kid_Naitch wrote: clawmaster wrote: 2004 OSW Fantasy Football Champion - clawmaster

With plenty of help from Billy Volek.


I'm trying a new autopick drafting stretegy this year. We'll see if it works.

I managed to eek out second place in the OSW Late League last season, despite losing Ronnie Brown. My big pick up was Derek Anderson. I probably blew my wad, though, and will finish in the gutter this year.

Last year's Late League was my most gut wrenching fantasy league of all time; I was running roughshod over all the competiton.  I had a stacked lineup, courtesy of a fortuitous draft (Brady, Westbrook, TO, Edwards) and timely pickups (Kolby Smith, Ryan Grant, Kenny Watson).  Hell, my backup QB was Farve, that's how stacked I was.

I was 12-1 (my only loss came against my bro-in-law, Vick's Dawg Pound) going into the playoffs, when I matched up against Vick again.  None of my guys showed up to play that week.  Brady, who was averaging like 40 points/week, got me like 15.  Neither Edwards nor TO showed up to play that week.  In fact, this was the week that Westbrook had a clear run to the endzone, and laid down on the 1 yard line to run out the clock.  It was that type of week.

This year, I will be playing with a vengance.  I don't think I'll EVER have a team as stacked as that one again, though.

Your team was "Iron Mike Dull?" That team was ferocious. Then the upset. Then I shat the bed against Vick in the championship round.

That was me.  My team was the equivalent of the 2007-08 Patriots.  It looked unbeatable until the upset.  Just goes to show that, with a little luck (or in my case, BAD luck) anything can happen.

Me losing that fantasy league and then the Patsies losing in the Super Bowl.  Personally, that was about the worst four week stretch in terms of sports that I can remember.  I still haven't fully recovered. 

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