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 Posted: Sat Nov 26th, 2011 01:36 am
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This is pretty cool for a boatnerd like myself who grew up on the Great Lakes watching the lakers just like this one coming and going.

The ship is called the Canadian Miner,she is your typical "laker" of the timeframe,built in the mid 60's,the boat is 730' x 75', (same size as the more famous Edmund Fitzgerald) which was the largest they could be made at the time due to limitations of lock sizes on the Upper Lakes.

The old girl had served out as much time as a ship of that era could do on the Lakes and was being towed overseas to the scrappers torch in Turkey this September when the towline parted and she ran aground off of Scatarie Island in Canada,where after several attempts to move her failed,she had all of her fluids pumped out,the doors welded shut,and has been left to the elements.

The ship now sits awaiting the inevitable destruction by wind and waves and winter storms,here's just a few pics showing how massive this things is,and how quickly the elements can do in a ship when it gets grounded.

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