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 Posted: Sun Nov 27th, 2011 12:28 pm
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However, some Arizona cards that DO feature SBG (clippings are on Newspaper Archive if you need them, Ron):

Friday, May 1, 1970 – Madison Square Garden – Phoenix, AZ
1) Eddie Lopez fought Spike Jones to a draw
2) Sweet Daddy Watts defeated Bobby Collins
3) Wayne Coleman defeated Kiko Torres
4) Arman Hussian & Ron Pritchard defeated El Diablo & Chuck Hondo
5) Tito Montez defeated Bearcat Wright

Friday, May 8, 1970 – Madison Square Garden – Phoenix, AZ
1) Sweet Daddy Siki & Spike Jones defeated Eddie Lopez & Arman Hussian
2) Patty Stevens defeated Marilyn Bender
3) Jody Arnold defeated Don Shark
4) Wayne Coleman fought Kiko Torres to a draw
5) El Diablo defeated Bobby Collins
6) Bearcat Wright defeated Tito Montez via DQ

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