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 Posted: Sun Nov 27th, 2011 08:55 pm
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The abadnoned Shipwreck act covers what to do with ships left where there is American jurisdiction,but in this case the owner is the salvage company who was charged with towing the ship to Turkey,and because of Canadian laws combined with the fact that all harmful fluids have been pumped from the ship and all windows and doors have been welded shut,combined with the idea that the ship is grounded and cannot be refloated means that they can in fact abandon the vessel to the elements.

It's been done before.

Me,I'm with Carpetbegger,getting onboard would be pretty darn awesome,it's hard to put into words how damn big those lakers are unless you have seen them up close or been onboard one of them,and the Miner comes from the "glory days" of shipping on the lakes with the classic fore and aft construction and the 730' length,which was the maximum that would fit into the locks until the 80's,when 1000' boats,or "footers" were introduced to the lakes,and thise things are truly monstrous.

Unfortunately,it appears that the Miner will end up like the Brown when all is said and done,but that's better than going under the torch in Turkey,the old girl didn't give up the ghost so easily.........

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