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 Posted: Wed Nov 30th, 2011 12:21 am
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Thanks Kriss.  :P   I had just located the Wayne Coleman dates aproximately a week, or a week and a half ago.

As for the February 6, 1972 card from from Arizona.  I cant find anything to verify it was totally wayne Coleman or it wasn't.  I couldn't find anything with the other Bill Graham for 1972. 

At the time of these cards Billy Graham would have been able to be appear on this card.  I tried looking before these dates and after them, yet could not find another listing for Bill Graham, this was the only listing i could find for the time period I researched in 1972.  It is why I belived it to be Billy Graham.  Graham had wrestled in his hometown before as Wayne Coleman, then he changed his ring name after that to Billy Graham.  So Graham fits in here between the Shire Promotion and working in Hawaii for this date.  He also worked in Phoenix again in 1982 before returning to the WWF full time, while doing the TV tapings.

If I could find one other listing for Bill Graham in 1982 that was from any other month, i would eliminate that date from my record book.  But I cant locate one. 

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