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 Posted: Mon Dec 5th, 2011 02:51 pm
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mike3775 wrote: krazykid18 wrote: tofu_chipmunk wrote: cdewar19 wrote: Teams only get 17,500 tickets to sell for the Sugar Bowl. It's not a matter of out-selling, it's a matter of selling your allotment.
Apparently Sugar Bowl officials thought Virginia Tech and Michigan stood a better chance of doing that than Kansas State, Boise State, and Baylor.

Now Baylor vs. Michigan would have been a great matchup Denard vs. RG3 would have been amazing
Baylor vs Michigan would be a good game.  I have no interest in VT vs Michigan at all.  So far the only bowl I may actually watch is the Orange bowl between Stanford and Oklahoma St.  The rest just don't scream "make sure to watch" especially the national championship game

Yeah why VT they don't have no marquee player i mean damn RG3 vs. Robinson would have probably been the most exciting bowl game