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 Posted: Mon Dec 5th, 2011 03:39 pm
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cdewar19 wrote: mike3775 wrote: krazykid18 wrote: tofu_chipmunk wrote: cdewar19 wrote: Teams only get 17,500 tickets to sell for the Sugar Bowl. It's not a matter of out-selling, it's a matter of selling your allotment.
Apparently Sugar Bowl officials thought Virginia Tech and Michigan stood a better chance of doing that than Kansas State, Boise State, and Baylor.

Now Baylor vs. Michigan would have been a great matchup Denard vs. RG3 would have been amazing
Baylor vs Michigan would be a good game.  I have no interest in VT vs Michigan at all.  So far the only bowl I may actually watch is the Orange bowl between Stanford and Oklahoma St.  The rest just don't scream "make sure to watch" especially the national championship game

Stanford/Okie State is the Fiesta Bowl. Wisconsin/Oregon in the Rose Bowl should be pretty fun too. Hopefully the national title game doesn't end up 9-6 again....
oops I misread CNN/SI with the Orange bowl.    Wisconsin/Oregon may be a good game so I may watch it.

But honestly, looking at the bowls, there really isn't many appealing games this year.