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 Posted: Tue Dec 6th, 2011 07:30 am
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stingmark wrote: The Ultimate Sin wrote:
cdewar19 wrote:
stingmark wrote: cdewar19 wrote:
stingmark wrote: All Mich State had to do was win & theyd be in instead of Michigan. Michigab is still.a marquee name/program, the Sugar Bowl folks are trying to draw eyes to their game, they went w/tge resurgent Michigan "big name", to draw in folks, nothing wrong with it imo.
If this was in reverse, and Michigan State or Ohio State got the call over Michigan, you would be throwing a fit.

Nah, it worked out the way it shouldve. Ohio States playing in the shit/toilet bowl, where they belong. State blew their chance, they dont deserve to go. Amazing how "great" OSU looks now that they cant cheat ?

State BEAT Michigan, on the field, where it's supposed to count. They get penalized for making the conference title game and losing by 3 to a team that would shitstomp the Wolverines? Bunch of crap.


Even as a Michigan season ticket holder I agree with you. MSU was penalized for winning their division and playing in the Conf. title game. Michigan was rewarded for not being good enough to win their division.

Despite Michigan having a better record, and beating BOTH teams, that beat State.

You keep missing the point. The only reason Michigan had a better record is because Michigan State had to play an extra game. And the reason they played an extra game? They kicked Michigan's ass.

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