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 Posted: Tue Dec 6th, 2011 07:27 pm
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stingmark wrote: khawk wrote:
stingmark wrote: cdewar19 wrote:
Michigan most likely beats Wisconsin? Not a chance.

We wont know, since they didnt play each other.

My first thought here was "if stingy isn't defending his team to death when someone says another team is better, then even stingy probably realizes what the other guy is saying is true."

But State isnt better, thats why theyre not in a bcs game. Mich needed a few things to happen to go, they happened, theyre going. State blew their bcs game, Mich happened to reap the rewards. Win your conference title, this discussion never occurs. The bcs folks didnt think State was better, and voted appropriately. Blame the bcs/system.

Meeeeechegan didn't even win their DIVISION. They got rewarded for failure. Wisconsin did their dirty work for them.

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