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 Posted: Wed Dec 7th, 2011 09:51 pm
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PeteF3 wrote:
stingmark wrote: They did? State LOST their last game, and is 10-3,
Then that's some pretty twisted and diseased logic that a team can actually be rewarded for NOT making the conference title game. Which doesn't, by the way, affect the Big Ten standings. MSU still finished ahead of Michigan--if they hadn't, they wouldn't have been playing in the CCG.

Then the folks who voted Michigan into a bcs game, over MSU, should be the folks you need to direct any anger towards, THEY felt MSU wasnt worthy enough apparently, despite a 10-3 team being ranked higher than a 10-2 team. (which has been what Ive said for awhile now) blame the system. State blew it, Another team, benefitted from it, simple really. AGAIN, MSU wins, none of this matters. I dont "get" how its so hard to understancd any of that? Is it right? Probably not, but blame THE SYSTEM. Michigan got rewarded b/c another team didnt get the job done. Not the only time its happened, wont be the last Im sure. Wisconsin can just as easily put Mich back on their schedule, and vice versa. Doesnt help States case, that they lost to ND/NEB, and Michigan, beat both. STOP blaming MICH, for someone elses fuck up. If it happened to your favorite team, ill bet you wouldnt have a problem w/it? Mich needed help, and got it, how is that their fault? State/Houston didnt win, Mich goes b/c of it. Bottom. Line: win ALL your games, and you dont have to worry about anything else. They didnt do that, simple. The systems broken, it needs fixing, stuff like this wont happen then.

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