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 Posted: Thu Dec 8th, 2011 06:22 pm
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stingmark wrote: BayouBoogie wrote:
cdewar19 wrote: stingmark wrote: cdewar19 wrote:
I'm not sure what Michigan being able to steamroll Wisconsin in 1967 has to do with today. For the past decade, Wisconsin has been the better program.

Chris, lets not get carried away here. Theyve won 4 straight against Michigan, before that howd they do?

Michigan has not had a better record than Wisconsin since 2003.

Wisconsin won the conference in 98 and 99, also.

But, WAY behind Mich, who has 42 conference titles.

Theyve actually beaten Michigan currently 3 in a row, as Mich beat them in 08.

Michigans won the most big ten conf. Titles w/13.....:D:X

I thought we were talking about recent years? When did it suddenly go to all-time?