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 Posted: Fri Dec 9th, 2011 02:22 am
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stingmark wrote: TXM wrote:
stingmark wrote: Principal_Raditch wrote: The fact that they took the Michigan and VTech over Boise and K state, two school that were ranked higher than both teams shows you there's no point in being a better team because it doesn't matter. You take 2nd tier teams over ones ranked higher ones. Bill Snyder finished 2nd in the Big 12 and is ranked than Michigan and VTehch in every poll. How do you tell him that he should be happy a shittier Michigan goes to a BCS bowl?

I's the SYSTEM thats fucked up. How does Miami win a nt one year, with a loss, and others w/no losses dont? How do teams 'tie' for a title? makes no sense. Michigan, happened to benefit from both State & Houston losing9and I *think* one or 2 other things happening).


Wisconsin is in no hurry to ever put Michigan back on their offense to Dewar, but Wisconsins .227 w/l percentage, and their 10-49 record against Mich h2h, should be MAJOR reasons for that. Michigan, flat out owns Wisconsin, and Wisconsin doesnt want to risk getting embarrassed again, and possibly going to a shitty bowl game, to play Michigan anytime soon. (PS, Chris, the last four wins Wiscinsin has, against Mich, still doesnt erase Michigans dominance over them, WI sucks against Mich overall, and their w/l record proves that).

BTW, State, as great as many claim them to be, couldnt score but 3 points against Neb, yet Michigan demolishes them, and only lost to State by 2 td's. State's been lucky. When it came time for them to prove how great they were, they came up short.

Why do you keep saying Wisconsin has the power to decide whether or not it plays Michigan, or any other Big 10 team. That's not how it works. There is a rotation that is followed for non-division, non-rivalry
games. Wisconsin just doesn't cherry-pick its Big 10 opponents.

You do realize teams pretty much pick their own schedules/opponents, right?
I realize that Wisconsin does not, and cannot, pick which Big 10 teams it plays each year. Do you?

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