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 Posted: Wed Nov 14th, 2007 09:36 pm
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So I have been thinking of getting this game for my son and was concerned if he would be able to play it or not. He is only 6 and does well with games like Scooby-Doo and SpongeBob, but from the ads I had seen, it looked like you need a lot of coordination to play. So I took him down to the local GameStop to let him try it out. He really never did get the hang of it, but I had a blast.

The game is really fun and very addictive. After a few songs my son was tugging on my shirt saying "Come on dad!" and I would answer, "Just a few more minutes." LOL. I think I may buy it for him anyway. Maybe he will grow into it. :cool:

Anyone else given it a try? Or recommend any other fun games that we could play together? Another game we enjoy playing together is Lego Star Wars. The only game I have for myself that he does not play is Madden Football. Hopefully he will get the hang of it soon so I can have soemone else to beat besides the CPU.

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