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 Posted: Fri Dec 9th, 2011 04:04 pm
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stingmark wrote: TXM wrote:
stingmark wrote: TXM wrote:
Married Jo wrote: Give Prince Fielder a 5 year, $100 million dollar deal, problem solved...
I don't envision Fielder signing for half the years and less than half the coin Pujols got.

Alot of the folks at the winter meetings, kept saying he wouldnt get more than 5yrs & $100-$120 million anyway, which imo, is about right. No way hes worth anywhere near the Pujols deal, sorry, I just dont see it.
No one thought Pujols was going to get 254 million, but he did. That number raises the bar substantially for Prince. He's not going to get Pujols money, but with Scott Boras representing him, an 8-year, 150 million dollar deal sounds about right.

Supposedly, those kind of offers just werent there for Fielder. Doubt many would be willing to ante up that kind of deal for Fielder? Not worth it imo. Doubt he sees any offers past 5-6yrs and $120mill, it could happen though. Just dont see it, imo.

Alot of folks thought Pujols would get a $200+ mill deal, 3-4 teams offered hkm $220 and he turned them all down. Not unreasonable to believe hed get Arod type money? I thought atleast $240 would have to do it. Guys better than AFraud, he got almost as much, which was pretty much right in line.

Let's revisit this when Prince gets his deal.