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 Posted: Fri Dec 9th, 2011 05:30 pm
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I see Fielder going for anywhere between 8-10 yrs for $175-$200 million

Too much &too many years. Most likely wont be there that long anyways, what other team will want to trade for a horrible contract like that?

It's not a trade. He's a free agent. He'll get what the market will bear.
I know that......i was assuming, had he signed a huge deal, he wouldnt be w/said team for the life of the contract?what team would want to trade for a guy 2/3 yrs dtr, with a horrible contract like that?

My bad. Sorry.

No worries. Those super huge contracts, are practically untradeable down the road, should a team want to dump it later. Doubt many teams would take ARods contract today? Guys stuck in NY and basically collecting a huge contract, hes not earning, imo.

Do you think Pujols contact isn't going to haunt LA 4 or 5 years down the road?

Of course it will, which was my point earlier, w/Fielder. In 3/4/5 years, when the Angels dont win &want to dump payroll, they wont get anyone to take that deal.

It works out for the Cards, why? They dont have to spend $250 mill on a guy, theyll most likely trade anyways 3/4 years dtr, anyways. They dont have to worry about unloading that horrible contract. They can use the $saved, to get miltiple players, who can help them.

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