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 Posted: Fri Dec 9th, 2011 10:58 pm
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stingmark wrote: mike3775 wrote:
Fielder is younger than Pujols, so in 4-5 yrs, he will be Pujols, and this is it for him.

Fielder will get that, because he had a monster walk year.  But he will deliver for whatever team he ends up with

As far as contracts being not traded, thats what they said about A-Rods 10yr $252 million from the Rangers, yet he was traded, and even Vernon Wells contract

I bet Nolan Ryan sends the Yanks christmas cards, thanking them for taking ARods contract off their hands? Infact, I wouldnt be surprised if that was part of the deal? Trust me, ARod retires a Yankee. No one wants to touch his deal. Fielder will get a Carl Crawford like deal I bet? Hows that workin out for Boston?
Crawford was only in the first year of that deal,  Will you still use him as an example next year if he hits his normal numbers next year?  No you won't.

If a team is desperate enough, they will take A-Rod if the yankees pay part of the salary, remember, Texas still paid past of his salary after he was traded to NY also.  They were off the hook when he opted out early, and now its all on NY.  If A-Rod never opted out when he did, Texas would have been paying him part of his salary until last year I believe, in which case, they would never have gone anywhere the past 2 years. 

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