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 Posted: Sat Dec 10th, 2011 02:02 am
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mike3775 wrote: stingmark wrote: mike3775 wrote:
Fielder is younger than Pujols, so in 4-5 yrs, he will be Pujols, and this is it for him.

Fielder will get that, because he had a monster walk year.  But he will deliver for whatever team he ends up with

As far as contracts being not traded, thats what they said about A-Rods 10yr $252 million from the Rangers, yet he was traded, and even Vernon Wells contract

I bet Nolan Ryan sends the Yanks christmas cards, thanking them for taking ARods contract off their hands? Infact, I wouldnt be surprised if that was part of the deal? Trust me, ARod retires a Yankee. No one wants to touch his deal. Fielder will get a Carl Crawford like deal I bet? Hows that workin out for Boston?
Crawford was only in the first year of that deal,  Will you still use him as an example next year if he hits his normal numbers next year?  No you won't.

If a team is desperate enough, they will take A-Rod if the yankees pay part of the salary, remember, Texas still paid past of his salary after he was traded to NY also.  They were off the hook when he opted out early, and now its all on NY.  If A-Rod never opted out when he did, Texas would have been paying him part of his salary until last year I believe, in which case, they would never have gone anywhere the past 2 years. 

Yes, i will...he's overpaid, and got too long of a deal. Andruw Jones got some huge deal once, and it ended up hurting the Braves for many years. Most big contracts do, thats why I dont "get" why so many teams are so quick to award them to guys. Vlad Guerrero got some huge deal too, and didnt live up to it IMO. If you remember, they(Boston) signed Lackey too, to some stupid deal, and that didnt do too well did it? Many Bosox fans hated that guy, and the deal, I guess they're in for a big shock in about 2-3 yrs, when Crawfords production doesnt merit his high salary? Wanna see how fast they cant wait to move him in about 3-4 yrs, and wont find any takers, unless they kick in ALOT of the cash from said big contract?

I seriously doubt there's a team "desperate enough" to take Arod from NY, they're stuck with him, if there were such a team, theyd have already tried going after him, before he went to NY. He's basically worthless now. if I were a gm, I wouldnt sign him tomorrow, at his age & $$$, if he walked into my clubhouse, begging to play. The Vernon Wells deal, should've smartened up the Angels, but unfortunately, it didnt, and thus, they will learn, down the road(in about 4-5 yrs im guessing), when he's no longer a domimant hitter, and can barely move, and they end up making him a full time DH, just so he can continue getting his at bats. All the while, not being able to trade him, because "desperate team' or not, no one in their right mind, would trade much more than a bag of balls for him then, and that would probably be giving up too much. By all means, marvel at his "huge deal", but know that about 85% of the teams in the league couldnt(or wouldnt) pay him what he wanted, he went where the money was, cant fault him for that.  The owners paying these exhorbant deals are more to blame. But, then, dont cry when your team is hamstrung, and you cant make the playoffs, or payroll, & call foul, and poor, and the balance is out of whack, all the while enjoying his bloated contract, that now you cant move, and he hasnt won you a thing.

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