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 Posted: Sun Dec 11th, 2011 11:57 am
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martini wrote: The Ultimate Sin wrote: I bet Prince will get a contract similar to Pujols. Less but comparable money similar number of years.

The Angels will be saddled with this contract, but sometimes guys get unhappy and ask out of contracts, some times (Arod Texas) you can deal the guy and pay a hunk of the contract. The Halos aren't completely locked into this deal.

I'm glad to see him with the Angels. Their order should be tough.

I'm gonna say the Rangers and Cubs are the faves to land Fielder at this time. Mariners are probably third in the mix.

The Cubs only jumped into the Pujols thing - in my opinion - to see if they could drive up the price per year and pay the Cards back for interviewing Chicago legend Ryne Sandberg for their managerial job.

Well the Cubs should have offered Sandberg a job in some capacity if they didn't want him interviewing with division rivals.