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 Posted: Sun Dec 11th, 2011 05:44 pm
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stingmark wrote:
mike3775 wrote:
If the owners all decided to say "we refuse to pay more than $10 million/yr to anyone" the union would file collusion charges and would probably win.

Everyone says that the owners themselves caused this, but it is not true, because the owners once did try to reign in spending, and they lost when the union filed a collusion case

Many here cite blame on the owners for the huge contracts Mike, both parties are guilty imo. I think theyre all overpaid, but the minute someone says that, people here get all bent outta shape and say " its the owners fault....blah blah blah. Dont blame the players". Youve just proven why its not the owners fault.

The difference is they conspired not to pay guys their market value and got caught. That's not the players fault. Again that's the owners fault. They were too stupid to be fiscally responsible, so they conspired, and made it very obvious, and got caught.

If teams quit bidding against each for middle of the road guys the salaries would come down across the board. The stars are always going to get the big money, but when guys throw 10 Mil at a middle reliever it fucks up the whole salary schedule.

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