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 Posted: Tue Dec 13th, 2011 03:02 pm
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The idea that someone who claims to be humble, working for God, completely committed to staying in St. Louis, would be insulted by being offered $130 million for 5 years work is the worst of it, I think.


The thread running through the statements made by both sides is that Pujols wanted a certain level of money, and didn't care who gave it to him. If he'd genuinely wanted to stay a Cardinal, he would have done, and indeed said as much a few years ago. It's nowhere near as bad as the LeBron bullshit, but he's absolutely not covering himself in glory with the things he's saying.

If he just said "I feel I'm worth X dollars, and St. Louis couldn't give it to me, and it makes me sad to leave the team, but I have to go where the money is", I wouldn't have felt much better about it, but he'd be being honest, rather than this crap that everyone can see through anyway.

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