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 Posted: Tue Dec 13th, 2011 06:18 pm
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katook wrote: I can't blame any athlete for taking as much money as he can,if the owners are willing to pay it,as your whole career can end in an instant.

What I do have a beef with is when guys say things like they want to "play here forever" then they turn right around and leave to somewhere else over money,after they have allready made enough millions of $$$ to last several lifetimes.

John Stockton said he allways wanted t play for the Utah Jazz and that he would never leave,and actually turned down offers for bigger money elsewhere to finish out his career there,but that's a super rare thing.
I dont blame them either, but will call them sell outs if they say what you mentioned, like Pujols did.  Pujols deserves the scorn he has been getting lately since the announcement.  His wife did him zero favors with her comments at all.

I have always had respect for guys like Tony Gywnn and Stockton, who did turn down offers to go elsewhere during their careers to remain where they played at.  There isn't many players left like that. 

I can't think of many players right now who have been on the same team for at least 10 years honestly and who are still on those teams