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 Posted: Fri Jun 20th, 2008 09:44 pm
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HBF wrote: Johnny Lemaster, 1985

WE HAVE A WINNER AND A NEW LEADER.  I'm gonna give HBF a bonus point for naming the year of the three team journey.

Must have recognized the photo.  Here are the rest of the clues and the photo

1.    I once played on three teams in one year
2.    All three of those teams finished in last place that year.
3.    I played 12 years in the bigs, 10 for the same team.
4.    I made a spectacle of myself during one game with a slight but notable change to my uniform.
5.    Though the Gamesmaster can’t find documentation online, I wore #0 at the end of my career.
6.    My career batting average, in the .220s, wouldn’t keep me in a job today, even at my position.
7.    My name surfaced on this very board recently in reference to the Gamesmaster’s amazing game.
8.    I played in the 1970’s and 1980’s.
9.    I’m the only man in history to have my first career HR be in my first at-bat, and be an inside the park one. 
10.  I’d only hit 21 more HR in my career.

So you all have some work to do.  New standings:


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