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 Posted: Sat Dec 24th, 2011 04:03 pm
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BayouBoogie wrote: mike3775 wrote:
I can't believe the Colts suddenly want to win 

Now they may have taken themselves out of the top pick because I can't see them losing next weel

They are still the front runner for the top pick as they only have one game left and hold all the tie-breakers. Only way they lose top pick is if they win next week and have either Vikes or Rams lose the last 2 in a row.
sadly the last line is very possible, considering Jacksonville is Indy's opponent and I doubt Minn will beat Washington(it is possible if bad Rex shows up though), and I don't see the Rams beating Pittsburgh(even without Ben starting) this week.  But I can see Chicago beating Minn in week 17(but with Minn the way they have played, I cant see em winning even with Haney at QB), but don't see the Rams beating the 49ers considering they may still be in the hunt for the #2 seed unless NO loses