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 Posted: Mon Dec 26th, 2011 08:09 pm
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Credit to Steve Yohe, Scott Teal, Chris Parsons aka Mike Dupree, Jim Melby, George Lentz, One Fan Gang, Joel Kolsrud, Rich Tito, Rich Tate, Tim Hornbaker, Jim Mandl, Mike Rodgers, JMK, Don Luce, Fred Hornby, Becky Taylor, Haruo Yamaguchi, Andy Oren, Jason Campbell, Mike Rodgers, Larry Matysik, Andrew Carlton, Vance Nevada, Kriss Knights, Robert Van Kavelaar, Mark Eastridge, George Schire and I'm sure several more people I'm forgetting at the moment.

"We are the priests
Of the temples of syrinx
Our great computers
Fill the hollowed halls
We are the priests
Of the temples of syrinx
All the gifts of life
Are held within our walls" 2112 By Rush!!