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 Posted: Thu Dec 29th, 2011 01:23 am
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mike3775 wrote: Chrisstlouis wrote: Well since he less attempts whats the pointThe point is, no one cares about the attempts.  It took Babe Ruth 8,399 AB's to hit 715 homeruns, do you hear people saying that he is till the HR king because it took Hank Aaron over 11,390 AB's to top Ruth?  No you don't.  People care about the numbers, not how they got to the number.

The same applies to the NFL record for most TD's thrown in a year.  The record is 50 set by Brady in 2007.  If someone comes along and breaks it, do you think the analysts are going to sit there and say "well Brady did it in this many pass attempts while so and so did it in more, so an * should be placed".  No you won't, they will simply erase Brady's name and insert the new name.

Just like they will do when a QB finally breaks the most TD's in a game record of 7(held by 4 people).  No one is going to say "well Blanda set it by throwing only x amount of times while so and so set it with y amount"

Agree on this.  Teams throw more now.  The game evolves.  In the season Marino set the records, there were still several powerful programs in college football running the wishbone.