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 Posted: Mon Jan 9th, 2012 06:50 pm
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katook wrote: This one sounds crazy as hell and I'll probably get ridiculed by some for it,but what the Hell,it's true.

I guess most of you know I drive for a living,and unfortunately part of that deal is having to find hotels/motels to land in and call it a night.

Well, a few nights ago I was at a motel in Virginia and was assigned to room 125,and a few strange things happened. The first was that when I was in the bathroom drying off after taking a shower the TV decided to turn itself on.

I know there was nobody in the room on account of the door was locked and bolted and chained,and I checked again within seconds of it turning on,nobody was there or could have been but myself.

Then it got fun. I could not sleep because I felt as if I was being watched,and a couple of times when I turned my head really quickly towards the other bed
 where it seemd the presence was I saw a really quick,dark shadow like feature that quickly disappeared.

No big deal,I could sense that there was something there with me but that it was not malevolent or could not harm me,yet I swear I know I was not alone.

The last thing that happened was once again I woke up for no reason and felt like I was being watched,and saw something like a shadow at the foot of the other bed (the room had 2 beds in it,I was in the one farthest from the door and the heating unit.  This time I know damn well I saw something physical,so I decided to go cut on the lights and check it out.

It of course disappeared when I got up,but when I walked through where it was at I got a chill,I mean it got COLD really fast.  So I turned up the heater on the wall and went back to bed,but sure as hell could not get back to sleep after that one!!

All night long I felt as if I was being watched but not threatened,and I have been to that motel before,but not in that room,and I will not ever go to that room again,I truly believe it is haunted.

I asked the guy who ran the hotel if anybody ever died in that room or if anybody else had experiences there,he said no,but I don't know if he was telling the truth or not,but I know damn well what I saw.

Has anybody else here ever had anything weird like that happen to them?

if you believe in God or that our Universe is infinite than anything can be true.  Both are hard to comprehend.  You experienced what you experienced and that's as real as it gets.

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