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 Posted: Sat Jan 14th, 2012 10:22 am
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Married Jo wrote: carpetbeggar wrote:
As I've mentioned before, I've always had some interest in Nascar, but never followed it like I do with the the "Big Four." Last season I tried to watch as many races as I could and am really looking forward to this coming season, more so than any other.
Is there any major changes for any of the drivers as far as pit crews that us "novices" should watch out for this season?
What are the chances of Jimmie Johnson bouncing back to reclaim the cup this season, or is he on the downward cycle now? How is his relationship with Chad Knaus?

Does Juan Pablo Montoya have a shot to make the chase?
I think this year could be Jimmie's last shot in a while to win a 6th title. The end of his run has already began, not losing the title last year, but Knaus is already starting to check out. He skipped the winter practices this week, he NEVER missed anything at the track before. Jimmie is a good driver, but Knaus was driven to be the best in the pits and his genius is what really got those 5 titles for that team. Same thing with Jeff Gordon, when Evernham finally left, Gordon's dominance started to slide..just the nature of the beast.

IMO Montoya doesn't have any chance because of his attitude, he has all the talent and has made the transformation from open wheel pretty good, he's not bad on the ovals, but damn, he's a hot head and just can't control himself..dude needs to realize just because you got rubbed a bit wrong 50 laps into a 500 mile race, that doesn't mean you have to immediately wreck yourself and the other guy in retaliation the next lap.

I agree 100 percent with the first part.

I mostly agree with the second part, but I think he will end up in the chase, just not really in contention for the title .

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