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 Posted: Sat Jan 21st, 2012 10:23 am
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sek69 wrote: Not to wizz on anyone's parade but the offense was the way it was because Ben wanted it that way. Bruce was just the guy to throw under the bus when things didn't work out.

You are correct to an extent.   I think Art II, aka The Hammer, has just established this is his team.  This is a good thing and will produce change. 

The chain runs like this


It will be interesting to see how Ben reacts,  and if has matured enough to accept change.  Arians was the lap dog.  Whatever Ben wanted, he got.  That high-flying aerial assault in games high winds * bad weather and during games when rushing plays were netting 6.1 yards per carry are over.  They will rely heavy on the pass, but it will be reigned in most definitely.

I met Arians.  He was a self-absorbed ass.

This was more of a stand-off between the front office and Ben.   The message from the front office was "Your way is not working."

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