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 Posted: Thu Jun 26th, 2008 05:10 pm
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The month is almost up...and an early win here may snatch victory from some "dogfaced" jaws!

Dogfacedgremlin 16
HBF 10
Lobo316 7

Time to step up guys...this one's the toughest yet.  No photo, and some one word clues.  Deal with it!

The rules.  There are 10 clues regarding a ballplayer from the past, and a photo of said player that is blacked out.  With the revelation of each clue after the first a section is revealed.  Players may ask questions to help them toward their goal of guessing the player in under 10 clues.  The answer to those questions will be given at the judge's (me) discretion - you'll catch on as to what that means soon enough.  The number of clues given before a correct guess corresponds to the amount of points awarded on a 10=1, 9=2, etc. scale.

There is only one winner per round and only one player receives points each round.

And now...

TODAY'S GAME!  I will again go slower to allow our evening folks a chance.

The first clue...

1.    “Tom”