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 Posted: Thu Jun 26th, 2008 06:45 pm
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dogfacedgremlin34 wrote: Davy Force
It's clear I'm going to have to stop giving the number of years guys played.  I've picked up on your game.  Either that or you're hacking my computer.

You have won, congratulations.  I'll be forwarding the library list to you so you may select your prize!

1.    “Tom”

One of his several nicknames was Tom Thumb

2.    Depending on what you consider “the major leagues,” I played on either 6 or 9 teams in a 10 or 15 year career.

Played in the Nat'l League but also in the Nat'l Association which isn't universally accepted as a "major league" but is by many.

3.    Either way, I only hit 1 home run.
4.    “Nationals”

Finished his career in 1886 with the Washington Nationals.

5.    I almost won the batting title…
6.    …but I hit under .250 in my career
7.    In fact one year I hit under .170 and didn’t lose my job!
8.    “Wee”

Another nickname... "Wee Davy"

9.    “Olympics”

Started his career with the Washington Olypics of the NA in 1871

10. Light-hitting shortstop.