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 Posted: Tue Jan 24th, 2012 10:52 am
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srossi wrote:
Somehow I doubt the people who object to this felt the same way over the handful of athletes who refused to meet with Bush over the years.  They were right then, and Thomas is right now.  This is a non-story.  He doesn't have to go anywhere he doesn't want to go and he doesn't even have to respect anyone he doesn't want to respect.  I seem to recall this country being founded on a shocking lack of respect for certain members of royalty.
I don't think I remember any athletes blatantly no-showing over the years, much less any no-showing Bush or because of political reasons. Do you really remember any specifically? The only one I can remember not turning up was Manny, but that was because he was a dope and probably overslept. But it certainly wasn't driven by politics.

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