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 Posted: Tue Jan 24th, 2012 07:31 pm
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dogfacedgremlin34 wrote: yellowdog wrote:
mike3775 wrote: who gives a flying fuck if someone doesn't want to meet the President.  I sure as hell wouldn't go if he invited me to the White House, and it has nothing to do with the party either, its just I think its fucking stupid.  All they do is grab ass for the camera's for a few minutes, the President makes a speech, the team gives a jersey with the Presidents name, grab ass some more, then the secret service agents lead you to the exit.  No big deal

This reminds me of the woman who caused a stir for wearing flip flops when some womans team met Bush.  Big fucking deal if she wore flip flops, there is no official dress code for meeting the President either.  If I wanted to wear a depends diaper and have a big baby bottle, no one could stop me.

call me old fashion but I think there still is a certain amount of respect the President, regardless of political affiliation, deserves.  As Americans we ought to at least have respect for what the Office means.  so fuck him.

My feelings exactly. This is in line with that Joe Whatsisname Rep from whatever state he was from who yelled "Liar!" during Obama's speech a little while back. It's just another piece of evidence of lack of respect.



Disagree entirely with DFG and YD.  Dude doesn't want to go, he shoudn't go.  We are SUPPOSED to protest things & politicians we don't agree with. He isn't breaking laws or causing riots. He's simply declining an invitation & SHOULD decline if he believes that is the right thing to do.


Further, I think Rep What-his-name SHOULD yell "liar" if the Pres is lying through his teeth.  Just going along with shit you strongly disagree with & keeping your mouth shut because tradition dictates you should is NOT the way it's supposed to be done. 


Again, WHY is our society so determined to protect liars, cheats & crooks, yet looks down on those with the personal fortitude to speak out aganst them?  We say "look at all the bad shit they do," then someone takes an agressive stance against it, and he gets chastised for not going with traditon. What kind of conditioned, BS is that?


Fuck "the Office of President" until someone in that office convinces me to think otherwise.  You are free to let the "office" protect the crooks in it. I choose not to.

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