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 Posted: Tue Jan 24th, 2012 08:16 pm
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OK. I just read the whole thing. Rossi, excellent points. I felt like quoting just about all of your posts on this thread because you nailed it all, IMO (hoping you didn't nail Bachman's hubby, too, but to each their own).


I see some mighty crawfishing on the part of some of those against it (YD has stayed consistent, though I don't agree with his conclusions). DFG, did you seriously say that people who refused to see Bush are ok because their reasons are better than Thomas's???  Are you guys seriously forgetting how badly Bush was ridiculed & talked about? They made a friggin Hollywood movie about a sitting President and made him as a crooked buffoon (and it wasn't a comedy). Respect for the friggin office?? Really??????


There was an awful lot of "I'd think the same for anyone under any circumstance," then all of a sudden it was

-"what about this guy" - "yeah, but he did it for a different reason"

"ok, this guy?" - "his reason was cool, too"

"and this one?"  "well, he's crazy so he's ok ... (and then the kicker that kind of ties it all up): AT LEAST HE ISN'T DOING IT BECAUSE OF THE TEA PARTY GETTING IN HIS HEAD, LIKE THOMAS"



So it all goes back to what rossi pointed out early on. You don't like what he did because you disagree with his political opinions. If he did it for different reasons, it'd be ok. Not that he made a big stink or openly disrespected Obama, he just declined an invitation. But he's in the Tea Party, and Obama is a black Dem, so THOMAS IS WRONG.


It's not that WHAT he did was so bad, others have done it, but they are ok, because their public reasoning was cool.  It's his REASON for doing it that is so bad. So we are back to regulating people's opinions.

And after reading all of these posts, that is the only reasoning against what he did that I see. Well, YD, might really believe that we have some weird obligation to treat the President as more than just a citizen in an important post (which is odd to me since, as rossi pointed out, our entire nation was founded on the idea that our leaders SHOULD NOT be above the ordinary citizen & that we are obligated as citizens to speak out against the government when we don't think it is doing right by our people)

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