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 Posted: Tue Jan 24th, 2012 08:22 pm
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Count Grog wrote: I am hearing he is a big Tea party supporter and while he claims it was about either party becaus ethey are both to blame it is blatant disrespect of the presient much like the asshole Congressman tonight who is boycotting the Stae of the Union Address.  If this was Bush Fox news and Rush Limbaughs head would explode because of the blantant disrespect for the office not the person.  You go and you smile and stay quiet and its done.  Now he has turned this into a huge Fing deal.  Its all part of the crumbling of our social institions and lack of respect of the government.  Congress is gridlocked because they can't get a long or agree on anything.  I was on a town hall conference call with 4 congressmen last night and they said they don't know their republican counter parts any more becaus eno one is ever there together and now even the committees meet by party lines and only get together to vote.


And since it's Obama, the anti-Fox stations and commentators are having fits. Same fucking thing when Clinton was Pres, then Bush, then Obama. They all forget overnight that they didn't have a lick of respect for the last President of the "other" party."

The office is nothing more than a job ( a VERY important one, which gives all the more reason to hold the person in that office to a HIGHER stadard, not a lower one). It is defined by the people in that role, and as far as I'm concerned, they aren't the most respectable crew.

Also, if Thomas truly believes in what he believes, why would he want it to just quietly go away? You don't just go and smile and let it pass if you have convictions.


And Congress has been gridlocked for many years. All the more reason to stop playing this bullshit where we "respect the office" when the guy in it is for "my" party. I'm ready to hold these assholes in office responsible for "respecting the office," not the citizens they serve.

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