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 Posted: Fri Jan 27th, 2012 03:17 pm
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srossi wrote: BayouBoogie wrote: sek69 wrote: So the takeaway here is that apparently everyone in the US now is incapable of separating the office from the person who holds it.



How can you come to that conclusion? I see it the opposite way. If you DO respect the office, then you SHOULD take a stand if you think the people IN the office are desecrating it.  I think it's your stance that can't seperate the two. You see a guy in "the office", so he must be respected along with the office he's in, and I do not agree with that at all.  I think you are FAILING to seperate the two by taking that stance. You are letting the office itself protect the crooks in the office, when we should be keenly aware that they are two different things.

My takeaway from some people's comments here is that they obviously respect the office of the President a lot more than all of the recent Presidents respect the office of the President.  And that attitude won't change that.



Well said. 


The President is a citizen sworn to uphold that office to the best of his ability. The day we can't hold that citizen responsible or take civilised stances against the men in that office is the day we've officially given up on trying to keep the American expreiment alive.


The office and the man in it are two seperate things. This wasn't a United States appreciation day that he boycotted.  It was a photo op that he earned by winning a game, and he politely declined it, as is well within his rights.

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