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 Posted: Fri Jan 27th, 2012 03:54 pm
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srossi wrote: But this has nothing to do with lack of civility.  
But that's the thing:  it does.

Let's say I'm having a Super Bowl party and I decide to invite you, rossi.  I send you an Evite.  You respond no, and in the commentary section, you say, "I fucking hate your guts, your house sucks, and your dog smells!  Why would you think in a million years I would attend your stupid Super Bowl party!?!"

Now, couldn't you have just resonded "no" and left it at that?  Why would you feel the need to let everybody on my invite list know your personal feelings towards me unless your were (a) a jackass, or (b) an attention whore?  You just turned my innocuous Evite into something it wasn't nor should it have ever been.

The moral of this story?  I'm not having a Super Bowl party this year.

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"I'm putting your worthless fucking ass on ignore so I don't have to read anymore of your pompous arrogant New York big shot bullshit. Good fucking riddance, fuckhead."-Angelic Assassin to rossi