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 Posted: Tue Jan 31st, 2012 02:35 am
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DJP wrote: I think they went to a three man team of Vince, Jesse, and Bruno when they "relaunched" Championship Wrestling as Superstars in the fall of 1986.

He was on the show up thru the first couple of months of 1988. I can't remember if he was gone before or after Wrestlemania IV, but I know he was still on the team in the first couple of episodes that aired after the Main Event screwjob in February because I have them on tape.

After they added Jesse, Bruno basically just became a third wheel. From what I remember, Vince and Jesse would call the match and Bruno would usually stay quiet until the replay. I don't know if it was always like that. but that's how I remember it.

Yep, you pretty much nailed.  I also can't remember the exact point around Mania 4 when Bruno left.  I want to say it was right afterwards.  They went to the three-man team when the Superstars of Wrestling show began, which was around the first week of September in '86.  I remember taping every single episode of Superstars from that first week to around May of 88 after Mania 4.  Wish I would have saved those tapes.

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