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 Posted: Tue Jan 31st, 2012 04:48 am
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HarryG wrote: carpetbeggar wrote:
HarryG wrote: carpetbeggar wrote:

Also in the 70's how was it handled when Rocca left the broadcast booth? Did they go with Rocca one week and then the next he was gone and Bruno was there, or was there a gap in between where it was just Vince?

I'm a little foggy, but was the reason Rocca stopped appearing because of his death, or was he done well before then? How did The WWWF handle Rocca's death? Did they acknowledge it on their program?

I remember that period well. I was watching WWWF programming twice a week. Rocca left for a tour of the (then) new promotion WWC in Puerto Rico. Vince covered it by saying that Rocca was away on "special assignment". When Rocca didn't return for a while, Vince eventually announced his death at the start of the All Star Wrestling show. No reason was given for his death. It came as quite a shock to me.

Vince carried on as a single for a period of time, and then in came Bruno, complete with his new afro toupee. LOL I liked Bruno's commentary a lot. he would often give some insights as to why mess ups were occurring. I particularly remember when a jobber kept slipping and sliding across the mat. Bruno let the audience know that the guy was wearing old style boots with leather soles, rather than the standard rubber soles. So the guy had no traction on the clean mat.

So it was well after Rocca's death that Vince finally acknowledged it?

To the best of my recollection (which has been more and more inaccurate as of late). Rocca passed in March of 1977. I don't remember the announcement until late-April/early-May. Vince had been doing solo work for at least a month or longer by that point.

How far in advance were the tv tapings back then?

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