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 Posted: Thu Feb 2nd, 2012 10:25 pm
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BayouBoogie wrote:
stingmark wrote:
Married Jo wrote:
Even if he wins Sunday, Brady is 3rd out of the 3 because he lost one..Terry and Joe never did.

This too.

I can't get that logic at all. Going 18-0 on the way to losing in the last minute of a great Super Bowl is worse than losing in the playoffs and never making the Super Bowl at all?? :?

True. However, any way you slice it, Brady has a loss in the sb, whereas the other 2 do not. 18-0 or not, Brady didnt win. When/if they lose on SS, he'll then be 3-2 in would he be considered " the best evah" w/2 sb losses, and others who are undefeated in sbs, wouldnt be ranked higher/ better? Hell, if he loses again, Aikmen would be " better" than Brady imo, why? Aikmen has same amnt of rings, and no sb losses.

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