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 Posted: Wed Feb 8th, 2012 01:58 am
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Fair or not, this game takes Brady out of the Bradshaw/Montana discussion and puts him in the Elway/Staubach discussion.  Of course, it's no mark of shame to be in either discussion.

Elway is better than Bradshaw and so is Brady. Bradshaw is not a top 5 or even top 10 QB in league history.

Bradshaw/Montana are both undefeated in SBs. Hell, Aikmens better than Elway, more rings & more SB wins.

That's quite a foolish way of judging QBs since quarterbacks don't win titles, it's teams that win. Elway was better at every aspect of quarterbacking than both Aikman and Bradshaw and if he had great coaching and defense similar to those 2 he'd have a lot more titles.

Elway did have great coaching, he went to 4 straight sbs, and lost all 4.

What years were Elway's 4 straight Super Bowls?

You must have forgotten his disguising himself and changing his name to Boomer Esiason, before getting tired of that and going back to being John Elway.  Garth Brooks ripped off this idea for the Chris Gaines experiment.

Pat Summeral called several plays that Elway was involved in during that Patriots-Rams Super Bowl.