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 Posted: Wed Feb 8th, 2012 06:49 am
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silentkiller wrote:

There's no point in discussing QB play with someone who

Stats prove what? Elway has more touchdowns, completions, passing yards, running yards, just about every stat imaginable over those 3 and he dominated for a longer count the rings completely ignores everything else and is stupid.
You say stats dont matter, then cite a bunch for Elway. When the games on the line,
I can think of atleast 5-6 other guys Id take before ahead of him. Below .500 in the big game is by no means "dominant", regular season stats mean nothing, Marino is perfect example of that.

When did I ever said stats don't matter? You're the guy guy who claimed that those guys has better stats than Elway when that it's easily false. And to say Dan Marino and John Elway weren't dominant means 1 of 2 things either that you know nothing about football or you never watched their play in the 80's and 90's.
Both guys are top 10 ever with a strong case for top 5.

Never said neither sucked, nor werent great. Its all a matter of opinion. I dont care about how great Tom Brady is, you could actually say that he hasnt had good WRs either, like Elway. I saw both Marino&Elway play. I dont think either are in the league.of Montana/Bradshaw, I just dont. I also dont think Brady is the greatest either. But hes there w/guys like:aikmen & so forth.

The op claimed that Brady could be evah, which just isnt true, win or lose last Sunday. To discount losses in sbs though id foolish too imo. Someone here claimed qbs dont win games by themselves, and its a team game. Yet, now, its so and so didnt have anybody on his team &thats why he lost. You win or lose as a team, you can no more make the claim that so and so is the greatest w/o having to take into account theirw/l record. Elway is below .500 as great as he is, others arent. I take the guys w/the better record, you dont. No big deal.

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