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 Posted: Sun Feb 19th, 2012 12:11 pm
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I have mixed feelings about Danica Patrick,her presence in NASCAR at seems to be bringing a lot of publicity and new fans to the sport,and whether we like it or not she is one helluva racecar driver or she wouldn't be there,good looks or not.  I would venture to say that none of us here could even come close to doing what she does in a racecar.

On the other hand,it is a fact that being a good looking female is a large part of what fuels "Danica mania",and she does know that and takes full advantage of it,which is really a smart thing on her part,you work with what you have in this world to make ends meet,and she isn't doing anything anybody else would not do.

I do believe that if Danica were just plain Dan she would not yet have a ride in the top series and would be toiling in the trucks or the Nationwide series,but she has shown that she is willing to learn her craft instead of acting like the world owes her something like she did in Indy car where absolutely nothing was ever her fault,so we shall see,I'm withholding judgement on Danica as a stock car driver for now,but I wish her well.

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