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 Posted: Fri Feb 24th, 2012 03:49 pm
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clawmaster wrote: clawmaster wrote: khawk wrote: The Hawks are looking for a 3-4 D-man and a #2 center...and possibly a goalie.

G: I've heard Khabibulin from Edmonton (I'll fucking throw something at the TV if that goes down)

D: Kubina out of Tampa is rumoured.

C: Derek Roy out of Buffalo is a distinct possibility.

The way the hawks have went into free-fall, I hope any moves they do make are small, as it looks like a large part of the supporting cast on that team needs to be blown up in the off-season. the chemistry has been off all year, and once Hossa, Toews, Kane and Sharp hit a wall, their defensive shortcomings were exposed even more than early in the year. early in the year they were winning the 6-4 games, not losing them.

I'd rather they miss the playoffs and rebuild it all next year (preferably with a new GM) than make two or three moves, sacrifice some young talent and get into the playoffs in 7th or 8th. They won't advance past the first round this time out..or even make their first round series close, like last year.

The streaky Hawks have now won 4 in a row!!

So much for the winning streak. The Hawks blew it last night in the 3rd period. With Toews hurt, another long win less streak might commence.

The problem the Hawks have is that they can afford to spin their wheels for a few weeks. They aren't in imminent danger of missing the playoffs whre they sit (6th), but they have no shot at catching anyone above them.

The longer Toews is out, the more they will lose. No team misses one guy as much as the Hawks miss Toews.

I don't think Stan Bowman has the balls to make a "big" deal. Dumbass will probably just bring Chris Campoli back. **vomits**