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 Posted: Sat Feb 25th, 2012 10:36 pm
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Married Jo wrote: JOpiela wrote:
Her best bet was to stay in open wheel racing.

Eh..if she wanted to win maybe one more race, yes. If she wants to rake in the big bucks and really make a REAL name for herself in racing, she did exactly what she needed to do, come to Nascar. When it comes to motorsports in America, Indycar is like some Indy fed that gets some buzz from the smarks but nobody else gives a flying shit. I love all forms of racing but IRL/Indycar is a blip on the radar. They have ONE RACE that draws viewers, and that's the Indy 500 and it only gets people to watch because of the tradition. Other than the Indy race they are struggling to crack 200K in television viewers for all their other races. Her coming to Nascar is exactly what she needed to do and it's exactly what Nascar needs, she's going to bring in a lot more viewers and fans, and that's a win/win for everyone.

Also, she is working with great people and she is going to get better. She's never going to be a consistent winner but it wouldn't shock me to see her eventually win a Nationwide race, especially now that a lot of the Cup guys have sort of bowed out of the series. The only thing a woman has ever done in Nascar up till now was Shawna Robinson winning a pole at Atlanta like 20 years ago, ANYTHING Danica does is going to be groundbreaking in Nascar...
Eh... She may have NEEDED to come to NASCAR to make the BIG money but she doesn't have the talent to do it.  Her best chance to make money was to stay in open wheel.  NASCAR doesn't need another open wheel failure to bring it back and she also waited far too long to make the switch.  If you want to look at the drivers who made a  winning transition from open wheel to NASCAR her chances look even worse.  There are three drivers to consider.  A.J. Foyt (who is probably the greatest race car driver in history), Mario Andretti (top 10 of the greatest drivers in history) and Tony Stewart (making his name as one of the top drivers in history).  All of them also had huge success in open wheel before winning in NASCAR.  Patrick has never been a winner in IRL and doesn't have the time to learn how to drive in NASCAR.  It doesn't matter who she has to teach her she isn't good enough.  She couldn't win in open wheel with a great team and teachers and she won't win in NASCAR.  With the way things are now she'll be lucky to even have sponsorship in 3 or 4 years.

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