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 Posted: Sun Feb 26th, 2012 07:09 am
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JOpiela wrote: If you want to look at the drivers who made a  winning transition from open wheel to NASCAR her chances look even worse.  There are three drivers to consider.  A.J. Foyt (who is probably the greatest race car driver in history), Mario Andretti (top 10 of the greatest drivers in history) and Tony Stewart (making his name as one of the top drivers in history). 

Tim Richmond?  Montoya?  And that's not counting the sprintcar grads like Gordon and so on (and CART failures like Schrader).  Let alone other one-offers like Dan Gurney and Johnny Rutherford that won NASCAR races and others from the fifties like Al Keller and Johnny Mantz.

That's certainly more than those that made the trip from stock to Indy successfully.  Curtis Turner couldn't handle Indianapolis, Cale did the thick end of eff all, Neil Bonnett had a couple of DNQs.  You're basically looking at Dick Rathmann, Paul Goldsmith, Marshall Teague, Bobby Allison and Leeroy Yarbrough who moved from NASCAR to Indycar and made a decent go of it.  And none of them won races.  (There is an argument that Andretti started in stocks though.)