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 Posted: Sun Feb 26th, 2012 07:13 pm
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Allison had a contract with Penske to run the Indy 500 which he did twice.  His cars hardly turned any laps and he had to give up too many NASCAR races and the chance at too much money.  There was never any thought for him to run permanent for Penske.  I don't remember reading too much about LeeRoy in Indy car so I'll take your word there.  He was one hell of a driver.  Unless you had a top spot with a top team you weren't going to win and make more money in Indy car.   The few NASCAR drivers who could make the switch really had no reason to learn the different handling and racing style and still have little chance to make anymore money.   But I'm really not disputing anything you've posted and your posts back up what I say.  There are VERY few drivers that can change racing styles and be winners. 

Oh, and you're right about F1 having the best drivers.  Although it's tough to tell who is actually the best driver there because it's more about who has the most money backing them than who has the most talent.  Besides those things are more like jet planes on the ground than a car so it's even harder to transition to or from F1 anymore.

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