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 Posted: Wed Feb 29th, 2012 03:32 pm
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Much of what the Saints are going to do depends on which of their own free agents they resign.  Brees is going nowhere, and I see them doing everything they can to keep Carl Nicks.  Nicks and Evanas are the best guard tandem in the league and they have a ton to do with their ability to protect Drew and and to have a good running game.  Two others I hope they keep are Marques Colston and Tracy Porter.  If Colston leaves I think they feel they are deep enough at receiver to move on.  Colston is cllutch and if they let him walk I think they will miss his size and jumping ability as he has made many catches where Drew puts it where only he can get it.  If they let Porter go they will need to get another solid CB.  They have Greer and Robinson, but in the pass happy NFL three solid CBs are damn near a necessity.  Robert Meachem is most likely gone.  I like him, but he and Devery Henderson are essentially interchangeable.  They do need to shore up their defense.  I am not sold on Dunbar and Casillas at LB. Don't get me wrong, they are solid, but the Saints need game changers at that position.  I am hoping Tom Johnson gets a more prominent role at DT this year.  He was an All Star in Canada and looked good in his limited chances last year.   The simple fact is the Saints have two, maybe three years left to be serious contenders for another title.  They are starting to lose players and one thing that has helped them has been their depth.