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 Posted: Fri Mar 2nd, 2012 06:07 am
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I just finished watching Speed's Race Hub on my DVR, and the story they told sounds fishy to me...  They stated John Darby happened to walk by, and he saw the c-post and felt it and thought it might be bad, so they tore it off, but they also stated the  car more than likely would have passed the room of doom and "the claw", yet NASCAR still went ahead and cut the post off.

They seem to think that while the fines would probably stand, the suspension may end up being reduced, and while Hendricks is appealing it, Chad can go to Phoenix and be the Crew Chief.

I personally find it kinda funny when NASCAR fans get all outraged and call people cheaters... the entire sport is based on cheating (or innovation for the optimists like me).I dare someone to go up to Junior Johnson, who was caught a few times bending the rules, and call him a cheater... even at his advanced age, I am certain the one of 5 inaugural Hall of Fame members  would knock that person on his ass.

***Cool story I heard during one of the HOF shows a few years ago  was they asked Junior to build them a replica whiskey still to honor their roots of being made up of bootleggers, and he did, except to the shock of the admins, he told them it would actually work when they were talking about it after the display was set up... dude is still hardcore after all these years IMO, and personifies what NASCAR is all about.

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