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 Posted: Fri Mar 2nd, 2012 02:15 pm
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stone2k wrote:
I just finished watching Speed's Race Hub on my DVR, and the story they told sounds fishy to me...  They stated John Darby happened to walk by, and he saw the c-post and felt it and thought it might be bad, so they tore it off, but they also stated the  car more than likely would have passed the room of doom and "the claw", yet NASCAR still went ahead and cut the post off.

BTW, I don't care if the car was legal or not, Knaus has nobody to blame but himself for this. Like they said on Nascarnow last night on ESPN, his getting caught live last year at Talladega before the race leaning in and telling Jimmie to wreck the back of the car if he wins so they don't find where they cheated caught up with him. This was Nascar sending him a message, and I'm glad they do this every now and then, I like to see the guys work near the line but Knaus needs to get knocked back to reality every now and then...

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